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8 Proven-Effective Tips to Verifying an Email Address

8 Proven-Effective Tips to Verifying an Email Address

Email verification is important process that can help protect your personal and your professional assets. Understanding the email verification process allows you better create your digital marketing strategy for maximum profits.

If your business has yet to implement a proper email verification system, it’s time to make a change. In our comprehensive guide below, we’ll detail how you can start verifying email addresses on your own—and through the help of professional services—so that you can start maximizing profits in no …

Email Verification- What It Is and Why You Need It

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Email marketing remains both a powerful and a proven-effective strategy to reach your target customers. Marketing agencies have proven that having an effective email marketing campaign can help close sales and increase conversions.

But any professional marketer worth his salt knows that running an effective email marketing campaign takes time and effort.

Not only do email addresses need to be collected—they need to be routinely verified as well.

In our comprehensive guide below, we’ll walk you through everything you need …

How to verify an email address exists without sending an email?

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One of the simplest things you can do if you want to verify the existence of an email address is to send a message to them. But more often than not you will find that this doesn’t really seem to be a good idea. And the reason is simple, your recipient will know the message is from you, even if it’s just a test. There are many ways you can try to figure out all of this without actively sending …

What Is Email Verification & Why You Need It?

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Any online business owner who has ever run an email campaign would know that email marketing is an effective marketing tool. The best thing about this method is the ability to measure everything about the campaign. The most popular metrics for any campaign includes the delivery rate, open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate.

These metrics allow assessing the overall success of any marketing campaign. However, there is one metric that marketers often ignore though it measures the very first …

Email Marketing: Your SME Cheat Sheet


After a bit of time on the naughty step, email marketing is back in favour. Look in any business or marketing publication and you’ll see its ROI (return on investment) praises being volubly sung. So why, you might be asking, are you not reaping these rewards? Why isn’t 58% of your turnover generated by your email subscribers? Why aren’t your customers brimming over with loyalty? Why are some of your messages being flagged up as spam? Short answer: you’re doing …