How to verify an email address exists without sending an email?

One of the simplest things you can do if you want to verify the existence of an email address is to send a message to them. But more often than not you will find that this doesn’t really seem to be a good idea. And the reason is simple, your recipient will know the message is from you, even if it’s just a test. There are many ways you can try to figure out all of this without actively sending a message. It’s definitely worthwhile to test out these ideas, as they will offer you the help and support you want in this situation.

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Check the email structure

We recommend you to see if the email is structured correctly. It would be the recipient name, address or anything like that in a word or multiple words with underscores, @ and then the domain or any other ending. The idea here is that this is the unanimous, RFC syntax protocol and you have to follow it when you create an email account. If this is not followed, then most likely there are some problems and the email is not valid. So if you feel that the email address is not valid, checking this structure is crucial as it might help you figure out if there are issues or not.

See if there are any MX records on the domain

You can use an MX record checking provider. The idea here is that MX records show that server was configured adequately. If there’s no configuration, then the chances are that you will not have any records and the site is not valid to begin with. For a lot of people this will be a problems, so it’s important to study all this information beforehand to avoid any problems. It really helps a lot to check this, and it won’t take a lot of time either, which is always great.

Perform an online search

Another good thing you can do is to search for the email address online. Use Google or Bing as well as any other search engine you want. The idea here is that you want to see whether the email address was used or if the owner of this address send messages. When this happens, you will find that there are lots of situations when the address is valid, so try to check that and see how it works for you. Do that and you will be more than ok in the end.

See if the main website is active

If the website domain is not active and you still have an email that originates from there, that’s confusing for sure and it’s the main reason why you want to avoid any possible issues. Most of the time the domain will be active, but if it’s not that will surely raise a lot of questions. Which is why we recommend you to study the situation at hand and actively focus on finding the best solution. It’s a great opportunity for you to think about and in the end, it will be more than ok all the time due to that.

Use an email verification service

A website like is one of the best places to see if the email address is active or not. They will use all the ideas listed above to make sure that there are no problems. It’s a great way to achieve the results you want and actively figure out if that email address is used or not. Plus, they will do extra checks and connect to the inbox as well. They won’t see emails, but they will figure out if the inbox is active or not. Every detail matters in such a situation, so finding as much information as possible about this kind of stuff is a priority for sure. As you can see, there are ways you can verify an email address even if you don’t want to send an email. It will be a great idea to at least focus on the experience and see what results you can expect. It’s well worth the effort to use any of the options above, especially an email verification service. So check that out right away!