7 steps to verify if an email exists or not

Sending emails is an important aspect of everyone’s day. And more often than not those messages are crucial for us. They might have company data, confidential files and so on.

Verify your Email

Which means the last thing you want is to send such messages to a random address. And that’s why we are here to help you with that. We created a list of tips that will help you verify whether an email exists or not. This way you can be sure that you are actively sending the message you want to the right destination.

  1. Check if the syntax follows RFC syntax protocol xxxx@xxxx.xx

This is maybe the best approach you can have whenever you want to check if an email exists or not. In order for an email to exist, it needs to follow the right RFC syntax protocol. Sure, the domain will differ for every email address and that alone makes things a bit different more often than not. But you do need to consider all of that in order to avoid any problems. Which is why we recommend you to double check the syntax.

The RFC syntax requires you to have the domain name.com/io or any other destination that’s valid. In addition, the sender address needs to be valid or appear to be valid. The other steps will help you figure out the overall validity, so check them right away!

  1. Add the address on Google and Bing Search and check if that returns any results

With this approach, you can figure out if there are issues and how you can handle them. The best idea in this situation is to just take the address and search for it online. This really works because active addresses will leave at least some sort of footprint online. If they don’t, that will raise suspicion. But it’s important to at least try this to see if everything is ok. It might show some results, or you may not see anything. Either way, it’s worth a shot until you go to the other steps used above. It’s still a good option, either way, so you might as well use it.

  1. Add the address on famous social media, LinkedIn, Facebook and search if it returns any results

The reason why you want to do this is that social media sites will show accounts registered with a particular email address. And if the person is active online, they most likely have a social account. For some people, this might end up being a longshot, but more often than not it will work the way you want. It’s definitely a huge challenge and something that you need to think about at all times. And it will totally be worth it in the end.

  1. Search for the domain part of the email and check if its an active website

Yes, a good idea here is to see whether the domain for that email is active. If the domain is a real website, then it’s definitely credible that address is active. But if the domain is not real, then you definitely need to have doubts. You might even be able to find some information regarding that person to begin with.

You just have to realize that such issues tend to appear very often. The email is working but the domain is not. That alone can be a bit tricky. But you have to think about it more often than not before you use such a thing. It shows that either the company is not working anymore, or you are indeed right to be suspicious. It will be a huge issue to think about, so the best thing you can do is to consider all possible tasks right in front of you.

  1. Check if the Domain has any MX records using any MX record checking provider.

When the domain doesn’t have MX records configured, then it’s clear that the domain is not active and thus there are no active emails in there. When there’s no configuration, you are unable to send or receive emails. And that makes things harder than you might imagine.

That being said, doing that is not that hard, there are lots of free services online that you can use to check and see this type of task if it’s valid or not. It doesn’t seem important to actually make such a check. Until you do it and you see that the email is inactive and you are just wasting your time. So yes, even if it doesn’t seem like much, it is something you want to focus on.

  1. Send an email to it through a private email account if you don’t want to reveal your identity

Sometimes the best way to check if an email exists or not is to just create a private email account separate from yours. Once you have that active, you will need to send an email as a test. If you get a reply or at least a confirmation that the email arrived, then it’s rather clear there are no problems and you can send the email. This is a very good option and it works really well.

  1. Use an email verification service like emailverifier.com

The great thing about using Email Verifier is that you can do all the things listed above in a single place. Aside from that the website also does extra checks and it will connect to the mailbox to see if the email exists. It will not send an email, and that’s exactly what you really want from this. It’s a great and unique approach and one that has the potential to do wonders if you handle it the right way. Even if it might seem a bit challenging to do this on your own, try using Email Verifier and you won’t have to worry about anything.

Rest assured that finding whether an email is active or not is a lot easier than ever before. You can use all these gradual steps or you can opt for email verification services to do that for you. It still works, and it will offer you all the support you need. Check it out right away for the best results!