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Our Validation Methodology

With our Email Verification & List Hygiene services you can improve exponentially the emails that don't bounce and reach your clients inbox. This can increase your ROI exponentially in your marketing efforts and also prevent lead loss by implementing on your signup forms.


Accurate Email Verification

We offer accurate and quaranteed email verification*

Real-Time API

With our real time API you can implement email verification in your CRM, website or workflow

Risk Scoring

Identify risky emails, catch-all, fake and disposable signups very easily

Our Email Verification
System Features

Deliver over 99% of emails

Our proprietary algorithms guarantee that your valid emails will be delivered after verified and validated with our system.

50M verifications per day

Our robust, highly accurate and highly available system can handle over 50M Email Verifications and Validations per day.

Prevent Bounced Emails

Our Email Verifier Platform can reduce the number of bounced emails dramatically, preserving your hard earned email sending reputation and increase your ROI.

Advanced List Cleaning

Using a combination of complex algorithms and a continuously improving machine learning process our systems are industry leading on their accuracy.

15+ Advanced Checks

EmailVerifier incorporates 15+ individual checks per email to ensure quality and deliverability. Each individual test is smart, and improves over time as they check more and more emails. Multiple quality indicators are putting your email list into the test to make sure only the best are coming out of our tests.

Email Sender Reputation

We safeguard your hard achieved reputation by reducing bounces. Bounces over the 2% industry standard pose significant danger of degrading your deliverability and costing tens of thousands to your business.

POST /api/email HTTP/1.1 primary_resultrisky secondary_resultaccept_all process_result syntax_checkPass mx_checkPass smtp_checkPass catch_all_checkFail role_checkPass disposable_checkPass

Single & Bulk Email Verification API

With out Real-Time Email Verification and Validation API you can integrate our sophisticated algorithm directly into your ERP, marketing application, web application forms and email marketing solutions. Get real time and accurate email validation results with a simple request.

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